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It all started with a simple compliment. "You are one distinguished looking gentleman". Then the idea was born, and Austen Dor came to life. A man who exudes charisma, confidence and has an aura of sophistication in his style.

Austen Dor holds creativity at its heart to deliver bespoke shirts and suits which are hand cut, stitched, detailed and finished by our craftsmen with years of bespoke experience. 

A sophisticated man demands sartorial elegance with a quintessential look. So let us introduce  you to our sexy, modern and immaculately tailored clothing with a sway of British and Italian flair for your wardrobe and we will let you become that distinguished looking gentleman.


Image Transformation

A man is defined how he carries himself whether at work or out in the social scene. Sense of style is a catalyst to a man's definition, which brings his best image forward. If you want to move further in your career, your relationship, or develop as a person you also have to add your own personal style to your personality. At Austen Dor we help you achieve a sense of style, which is unique and truly yours. So let’s work together with our Style Consultants to get noticed, look great, and gain the confidence you need to ReInvent Yourself.




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